Chris is a writer and director for film and TV

In 2017 Chris joined a prestigious group of writers such as Nic Pizzolatto (True Detective) when he was selected for Hollywood’s annual Young & Hungry list in the U.S. 

Most recently as part of writing duo Ryden & Rowe, his script FOOL’S GOLD landed near the top of the 2021 Brit List, with Company Pictures and Ed Whitmore exec producing.

In features Chris' zombie apocalypse horror movie PRESERVATION is due to shoot later this year with the creative team behind Greenland/The Night House, Anton, financing/co-producing alongside Teashop Productions. Cockneys vs Zombies Matthias Hoene is attached to direct.




1 x 60'
Producer Cameron Roach

Part of the writers room for Series One.

Vertigo Films & Neal Street Productions for Sky One

Writer & Creator 

Producer Ed Whitmore

Co-written with Jon Rowe. 

Darkly comic crime drama that follows Manchester Firearms Officer Sonny Gilbride as he trades the hazardous life of counterterrorism for the rural tranquillity of the West Country, only to find himself embroiled in an odyssey of love, murder and international crime in the illegal eel trade.

Included on the 2021 Brit List.

Company Pictures
In development
6 x 60'
Producer Quirin Berg & Max Wiedemann

Contemporary adaptation of George Orwell's classic novel.

Leonine Studios
In development
Producer Quirin Berg & Dominik Kempf

Co-written with Jon Rowe. Dracula origin story set in 15th century Wallachia.

Leonine Studios
In development
6 x 60
Producer Neil Zeiger

Co-written with Jon Rowe. Drama focusing on Elizabeth I & Mary Queen of Scots.

In development

Original thriller about a serial killer in London.

Trademark Films
In development
Producer Guymon Casady

A bookish desk clerk is plucked from obscurity by Churchill's Secret Army and trained to become Britain's first Secret Service Agent.

Entertainment 360
In development
Producer Michael Dawson & Kate Lewis

Follows the real lives of the CT-SFO on and off duty.

Silverprint / ITV
In development

Supernatural thriller surrounding the Rendhelsham UFO mysteries.

Kew Media
In development
Producer Melanie Stokes

Adaptation of crime novel written by A.D. Garrett.

Kindle Entertainment
In development
Producer David Livingstone

A young mute girl arrived in an isolated area of Scotland during a storm, covered in blood and carrying a dark secret.

Calamity Films
In development



Producer Callum Grant & Mark Lane
Director Matthias Hoene

As a deadly disease wipes out mankind a group of misfits cast adrift on a damaged lifeboat must work together in search of salvation, uncertain if one of them is secretly carrying the virus.

Anton / Team Shop Productions
In development
Producer Charles Roven & Richard Suckle
A hostage stand-off goes from bad to worse when the gang discover the bank they’re trapped in is wired with a bomb…
Atlas Entertainment
In development