Claire Price

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The Daughter in Law

Role Minnie
Director Paul Miller
Sheffield Crucible
Sheffield Crucible produced The Daughter-in-Law, D.H. Lawrence’s powerful 1912 play set in a mining town, in early 2013.

Claire plays Minnie, newly married to Luther, who has previously fathered a child by another woman. Luther’s controlling mother Mrs Gascoyne dislikes Minnie and wants to hurt her by revealing the truth. With Minnie’s marriage already on the rocks, she must face her mother-in-law and conquer her relationship with her son in order to save both herself and her husband.

"the intelligent freshness of Miller’s direction, and of the performances - particularly that of Claire Price, who finds the sweetness at the heart of Minnie’s brittle complexity - reveals emotional truth in a play that in other hands might have become a mere period piece" **** Jane Shilling
The Telegraph

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