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Your Own Kind of Girl

book | Non-Fiction | Oct 2019
ANZ → Allen & Unwin Pty (Ed. Kelly Fagan)

Your Own Kind of Girl is a sectional memoir about the stories we tell ourselves, and what happens when we believe them.

Long before Clare Bowditch was a singer-songwriter touring with the likes of Leonard Cohen she was a young woman working in a call centre in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, still far too afraid to declare her dreams. A brilliant Jeff Buckley concert and a terrible breakup changed all of that. Inspired to change, Clare quit her job, packed her backpack, grabbed her guitar, and headed to London to test her fate. 

Things did not work out quite as planned.

In this incredibly timely book, Clare Bowditch’s intersecting stories of childhood grief, body-size, self-doubt, hope, love, a nervous breakdown in Oxford and an art-fuelled recovery in Melbourne remind us of the power of the stories we tell ourselves, and how to change them for the better. Written with extraordinary honesty and humility, Clare Bowditch’s stories of trying to play a bigger game in a world in which we don’t quit fit are both moving and hilarious. This book will resonate with anyone who’s ever suspected they were born for something more, but has no idea where to begin.


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'Reading this book felt as intimate as having a long, heart-breakingly vulnerable yet hilarious conversation with Clare by a fire with wine in hand. It is a celebration of the human struggle, how we can learn to befriend (and say "f@#k off" to) our demons, and ultimately write our own story. There is so much hope in this book.

Missy Higgins

'The words that kept coming to me over again as I read this book were authenticity and decency. Clare Bowditch made me feel how wonderful and difficult and amazing it is to be a human.'

Leigh Sales

'This book is like a life-buoy, tossed across a generation by a sick and frightened young woman, who grew up to be Clare Bowditch. An extraordinary tale, faithfully remembered and generously told. What a woman. A transfixing and powerful memoir.'

Annabel Crabb

'A brave and generous work. Never didactic or patronising, Bowditch nonetheless has much to share as she invites the reader inside the tender heart and evolving mind of a young woman determined to make sense of herself and her place in the world. Told with Bowditch's trademark warmth and openness, this book is an act of compassion as much as it is the product of diligent reflection and insight.'

Peggy Frew

'Clare Bowditch cements here status as one of Australia's most mesmerising story tellers with this debut. Her ability to lay bare the vulnerabilities, hurts and triumphs of a woman's life is second to none. She's my kind of girl, for sure.'

Clementine Ford

'Brutal at times but funny as f@#k. This book will change a lot of lives for the better.'

Bernard Fanning

'For parents, indeed anyone that would like to understand mental illness, and that recovery is possible. Clare writes with extraordinary self-awareness and insight. Her journey encourages anyone to keep going; to believe that there is something better, to take one step at a time toward it, and not to give up. A truly compelling story of resilience, survival and growth.

Dr Charlotte Keating

'Clare Bowditch opens her heart and history with staggering generosity - unpicking the birth of her creativity and the early scars that forged her. Much like the woman herself, YOUR OWN KIND OF GIRL is unflinching, entertaining, inspiring and real. I inhaled this book.'

Kat Stewart

'Clare takes us to the edge of the stuff we flee from - the late-night inner turmoil of an eating disorder, the loneliness of being the "fat kid" and death - so that, as her friend Leonard Cohen once said, the light might come in.'

Sarah Wilson

'I fell in love with this book from the start- it's a brutally honest, witty, smart and courageous account of Clare Bowditch finding her path and her power.

Eddie Perfect

'Clare's story (so far) reveals how resilience is created from the suffering life inflicts. Clare discovers the unlikely weapons of FAFL and FOF to kickstart her recovery and combat "Frank", her internal nemesis, and with the guidance of Ron, her therapist, she transforms breakdown into breakthrough. Clare's suffering morphs into flourishing, as this highly creative human finds her authentic self and builds her artistic career and her own family. Clare's honesty and warmth shines strongly through the pages of this inspiring and moving memoir' 

Professor Pat McGorry

'A deeply revealing insight into how a true artist is born. Brutally honest, compelling and affecting, Clare's luminous warmth shines through every page.'

Kate Miller-Heidke

'Finally, an author who has found the words to describe that excruciatingly complex relationship many women have with food.' 

Jamila Rizvi

'Vibrant, touching, hilarious. Clare's heart-baring makes me want to live brighter, tell more truths, and laugh-in a sweet way, at my self-criticism and fears. This is book is a healer.'

Danielle Laporte

'What I love best about the glorious Clare Bowditch is how richly she embraces life and holds to what's most sustaining. Her beautiful book is so like her music: bold, original, earthy, funny, grateful, honest, truthful and tuneful - and fabulously female.'

Stephanie Dowrick

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