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There Was A Man, There Was No Man

Producer Tricycle Theatre Director Nicolas Kent
Tricycle Theatre
Part of Tricycle's season on the atomic bomb. While Israel officially has no nuclear arms programme, few doubt it is entirely without nuclear capability; Iran claims this gives it the right to develop its own nuclear programme. Who will be the first to blink? 

When an Israeli and Iranian scientist meet at a conference in Jordan, their meeting has major repercussions for their professional lives, their families and their nations.

There Was A Man, There Was No Man

"One leaves the theatre thrilled, chilled and deeply fearful about what the future may hold" 
The Telegraph

"astonishing achievement"  ****
The Guardian

"a vivid, serious examination of one of the most pressing issues of our time." 
The Financial Times

"a timely attempt to catalyse debate about a subject too often neglected" ****

Evening Standard

"chilling and deeply disturbing" ****
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