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There’s Only One Danny Garvey

book | Fiction | Jan 2021
World → Orenda Books (Ed. Karen Sullivan)

Danny Garvey was a sixteen-year old footballing prodigy. Professional clubs clamoured to sign him, and a glittering future beckoned. And yet, his early promise remained unfulfilled, and Danny is back home in the tiny village of Barshaw to manage the struggling junior team he once played for. What’s more, he’s hiding a secret about a tragic night, thirteen years earlier, that changed the course of several lives. There’s only one Danny Garvey, they once chanted … and that’s the problem.

A story of irrational hopes and fevered dreams – of unstoppable passion 
and unflinching commitment in the face of defeat – There’s Only One Danny Garvey is, above all, an unforgettable tale about finding hope and redemption in the most unexpected of places.


Kate Cooper manages the translation rights for There’s Only One Danny Garvey


There's Only One Danny Garvey is a thought-provoking book with a slow-burn edginess, sprinkled with hope, loss, grief, unrequited love and moments of dark, often unexpected, laugh-out-loud humour ...'

Ayrshire Magazine
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‘A nostalgic and regretful novel about club football, loyalty, and returning to your roots’


'There’s Only One Danny Garvey’ proves David F Ross is in the Premier League of writers’

Alistair Braidwood
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‘A powerful, eloquent, earthy and emotional novel about family, regret, hope, and redemption.'

LoveReading, Book of the Month
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