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Emily's Ghost

book | Fiction | 2009
US → W W Norton & Co, Inc

A lustrous, beautifully written reimagining of the Brontë family — and of Emily Brontë’s passionate engagement with life.

Enigmatic, intelligent, and fiercely independent, Emily Brontë refuses to bow to the conventions of her day: she is distrustful of marriage, prefers freedom above all else, and walks alone at night on the moors above the isolated rural village of Haworth. But Emily’s life, along with the rest of the Brontë family, is turned upside down with the arrival of an idealistic clergyman named William Weightman. Weightman champions poor mill workers’ rights, mingles with radical labor agitators, and captivates Haworth—and the Brontës especially—with his energy and charm. An improbable friendship between Weightman and Emily develops into a fiery but unconsummated love affair—and when tragedy strikes, the relationship continues, like the love story at the heart of Wuthering Heights, beyond the grave.

Denise Giardina, whose fiction has been described as “brilliant... heart-wrenching, tough and tender” (Los Angeles Times), writes a stirring story about faith, passion, longing, and romantic solitude.

Sophie Baker manages the translation rights for Emily's Ghost


Emily's Ghost

Giardina's Emily lives with the unconventionality and passion that infuses her own Wuthering Heights. Fans of historical romance definitely will want to meet her.
Library Journal
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You don't have to be a Brontë scholar to appreciate Giardina's novel
Publishers Weekly
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this is a convincing imagining of the Bronte story, perfect for Bronte fans.
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