Harari &

Directors and Writers for Film and Television

Teresa and Dominic were recently selected by BBC Studios Writers Workshop to develop their own
television series The Healing. Their screenplay Face Blind, being produced by Rooks Nest, was on the Brit List 2018.  Based in London, the duo have had seven feature films plus a TV drama miniseries produced in Spain, where they were three time nominees to the Goya Awards.UK screenplay commissions include the thrillers Happier Dead and Shomer for Hammer Films, Emergence for Roxbury Pictures, The Threat Agenda for Quicksilver Films and Steel Moon for The Salt Company.

As directors, Teresa and Dominic's first feature was the multi-award winning UK-Spanish-French co-production Only Human, co-financed by the UK Film Council and distributed in eighteen territories. Twentieth Century Fox International
co-produced and distributed their next directing outing, the Dublin set feature The Food Guide to Love. They are both alumni of Columbia University's MFA film program in New York.




Rooks Nest
In development
Producer Simon Oakes, Aliza James

In the very near future the rich are able to extend their lives indefinitely, but the price of eternal youth is one they can get others to pay. A noirish sci-fi and murder mystery adapted from the novel.

Hammer Film Productions
Producer Oliver Stolz, Miguel-Angel Faura, Vincent Favrat
Director Kristina Buozyte, Bruno Samper

Sci-fi drama in which a city trader is transformed by a superorganism he inherits from his estranged father.

Roxbury and Feierabend Media
Producer Lawrence Bender, Ben Holden, Simon Oakes

A shomer keeping vigil over a recently deceased Haredi man is disturbed by supernatural occurrences.

Hammer Films Productions

Thriller script about a female psychiatrist who develops a condition which makes her unable to distinguish peoples' faces

Producer Steven Spence, Rebecca Long
Director Geoff Sax

Alex Madden works for the British Foreign Office and is on the verge of securing a prestigious international posting when she learns of the sudden death of her sister, Rosie. Sensing things are not as they seem Alex begins to investigate, and is soon thrown into a dangerous world of arms deals, corruption and murder.

Quicksilver Films
Producer Arvind Ethan David, Cavan Ash
Director Jon Wright

A visceral horror film set on board a hotel in space.

The Salt Company
Slingshot Studios
In development
Goya Nomination for Best Screenplay
Producer Mariela Besuievski, Marta Esteban & Gerardo Herrero
Director Joaquin Oristrell
  • Luis Tosar
  • Leonar Watling
  • Comedy set in early 1900s Barcelona following a pregnant woman's search for her missing psychiatrist husband, co-written with director Joaquin Oristell. Goya Nomination for Best Screenplay

    Regent Releasing
    Tornasol Films
    Dutchman's Island
    Nominated for Goya Award for Best Adapted Screenplay
    Producer Angels Masclans
    Director Sigfrid Monleon
  • Feodor Atkine
  • Roger Casamajor
  • Juli Mira
  • Cristina Plaszas
  • Adaptation of Ferran Torrent's novel set in Franco's Spain. Goya nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.

    Lauren Films
    Oberon Cinematographica
    Producer Cesar Benitez & Manuel Comez Pereira
    Director Joaquin Oristell
  • Maria Barranco
  • Juan Diego Botto
  • Juanjo Puigcorbe
  • Comedy co-written with Joaquin Oristell. A jilted mistress takes revenge on her lover by seducing his son.

    Columbia Tristar Films
    Aurum Productions
    Nominated for Goya Award for Best Screenplay
    Producer Eduardo Campoy & Gerardo Herrero
    Director Joaquin Oristell
  • Daniel Gimenez Cacho
  • Veronica Forque
  • Comedy about a method acting school, co-written with Joaquin Oristell. Premiered at TIFF and Goya nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

    Alta Films
    Tornasol Films
    Producer Jose Gimeno Mayol
    Director Teresa de Pelegri, Judith Colell, Isabel Gardela, Nuria Olive-Belles, Maria Ripoll
  • Olalia Moreno
  • Silvia Munt
  • Nuria Prims
  • Gustavo Salmeron
  • Five stories on the five senses.

    Filmax International
    Kilimanjaro Films
    Producer Jordi Cadena, Judith Colell & Teresa de Pelegri
    Director Teresa de Pelegri
  • Francesca Orella
  • Miguel Aguilar
  • Marcel Antunez
  • Official selection at Venice, New York, Sundance, London and Edinburgh film festivals.

    Solaris Films
    Director Dominic Harari
  • Pedja Muzijevic
  • A concert pianist falls in love with himself. Best short Welsh International Film Festival.

    Massive Films
    Producer Jordi Cadena, Judith Colell & Teresa de Pelegri
  • Ona Planas
  • Post apocalyptic science fiction.

    Solaris Films
    Producer Manel Valls
    Director Teresa de Pelegri
  • Francesc Garrido
  • A voyeur rents his flat to a young couple. Special mention at San Sebastian Film Festival

    Septimania Films

    Writer & Director 

    The Food Guide to Love
    Premiere Berlinale Film Festival, Released on HBO and Canal +
    Producer Alan Moloney, Mariela Besuievsky
    Director Dominic Harari & Teresa de Pelegri
  • Richard Coyle
  • Leonar Watling
  • Bronagh Gallagher
  • Culinary romantic comedy set in Dublin.

    Fox Searchlight
    Parallel Pictures, Tornasol Films, Haute et Court
    Only Human
    Best Ensemble Acting - Locarno Film Festival. Best Film and Best Scrennoklay Awards at MonteCarlo and Alpes D’Huez. Mayor’s Award at the Jerusalem Film Festival
    Producer Patrick Cassavetti, Adrian Sturges, Mariela Besuievski
    Director Dominic Harari & Teresa de Pelegri
  • Marian Aguilera
  • Norma Aleandro
  • Maria Bolto
  • Fernando Romalla
  • Comedy in which a Jewish daughter brings home her Palestinian boyfriend to meet the family. The film premiered at Locarno Film Festival where it won Best Ensemble Acting. Best Film and Best Screenplay Awards at MonteCarlo and Alpes D’Huez. Mayor’s Award at the Jerusalem Film Festival.

    Renaissance Films
    Canal+Espana, Greenpoint Films



    Producer Antonia Chavarrias
    Director Esteve Rovira
  • David Selvas
  • Isak Ferriz
  • Olalla Excribano
  • Two part period drama about the notorious 17th century bandit.

    Oberon Cinematografica for Spanish Television

    Writer & Director 

    Catch Her
    1 x 90'
    Producer Antonio Chavarrias
    Director Dominic Harari & Teresa de Pelegri
  • David Janer
  • Pape Monsoriu
  • Simon Ward
  • Television movie about a small town girl trying to make it in ultra hip Barcelona.

    Oberon Cinematografica for Spanish Television