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Sit, Stay, Heal

book | Non-Fiction | Oct 2022
US & Canada → HarperOne (Ed. Shannon Welch)

How My Work as a Vet Helped Me Conquer the C-Word

After decades as a renowned veterinarian treating thousands of pets with cancer, and supporting their families in the process, Renee is suddenly faced with her own cancer diagnosis. How will her longstanding career expertise — albeit of the animal variety — shape her own unexpected experience with "the C word"? Throughout this affecting memoir, we are right beside Renee as she alternates between her vet clinic, her own appointments, and her life at home with husband and son. Along the way we meet a number of her dog patients (and fall in love with every single one), whose stories of survival inspire and inform Renee's own. For fans of Inside of a Dog, The Art of Racing in the Rain, and of course James Herriot, Sit, Stay, Heal is filled with wisdom, humor, and affection, and offers a refreshing take on the cancer recovery narrative, thanks to the surprisingly resonant insights on humanity from its non-human characters. Above all, the book is a celebration of the mysterious depth and power of the human/animal bond, from someone who has seen this extraordinary connection play out in the heart of thousands of families.


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