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A Saint from Texas

book | Fiction | Aug 2020
World English → Bloomsbury Publishing (Ed. Liese Mayer)

From Edmund White, winner of the PEN/Saul Bellow Award for Achievement in American Fiction “for his honest, beautifully wrought, and fiercely defiant books,” a bold and sweeping new novel that traces the extraordinary fates of twin sisters, one destined for Parisian nobility and the other for Catholic sainthood.

Yvette and Yvonne Crawford are twin sisters, born on a humble patch of East Texas prairie but bound for far grander fates. Just as an untold fortune of oil lies beneath their daddy’s land, both girls harbor their own secrets and dreams - ones that will carry them far from Texas and from each other. As the decades unfold, Yvonne will ascend the highest ranks of Parisian society as Yvette gives herself to a lifetime of worship and service in the streets of Jericó, Colombia. And yet, even as they remake themselves in their radically different lives, the twins find that the bonds of family and the past are unbreakable.

Spanning the 1950s to the recent past, Edmund White’s marvelous novel serves up an immensely pleasurable epic of two Texas women as their lives traverse varied worlds. For nearly half a century, Edmund White’s work has revitalized American literature, blithely breaking down boundaries of class and sexuality, and A Saint from Texas  is one of his most joyous, gorgeously written, and piercing works to date.


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Manners of the French aristocracy and American nouveau riche are wonderfully, lovingly skewered by White’s perfect touch.

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