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The Magic Places

book | Fiction | Apr 2017
UK & Comm → Arcadia Books

They meet by chance in a department store and the attraction is immediate. Is this love at first sight? It can't be. They've met before. She - an independent woman in her twenties. He - twice her age. Clare and Marcus. They met years ago on a summer holiday marred by tragedy. He lost his son in inexplicable circumstances. She was his son's friend and the last person to see him alive.

The novel flits backwards and forwards in time - between the present day, and the affair between Marcus and Clare which is fuelled by grief and loneliness; and the summer Tom, a young boy, went missing, moving inexorably towards tragedy in both strands.

The Magic Places is a story of a love which shouldn't happen and magic which shouldn't exist. It is a spellbinding tale of the power of stories and imagination.


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