Emma Fryer

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Home Time

Producer Ted Dowd Starring
    Production Company Baby Cow Productions
    Broadcaster BBC2

    Co-written  and created with Neil Edmond.

    Just before her 18th birthday, Gaynor Jacks ran off to find her place in the big wide world, but now aged 29 she's back with her tail between her legs. She returns to Coventry, home to her mum and dad's house, and home to her three best friends.

    Gaynor can't hide forever in her bedroom, she must crawl back into her old life, suffer the gleeful sympathy of her friends and ill-judged parental intrusions.

    All played out in front of old flames and adversaries Gaynor never thought she'd see again and underscored by the smirking cries of "see you're back then".

    Home Time

    a brilliant, sophisticated, low-key show. Rebecca Nicholson
    The Guardian

    Home Time is another excellent Baby Cow comedy where the basis of the story is completely believable, and the narrative drags you in...It is written by, and stars, Emma Fryer, who plays Gaynor with a sensitivity and vulnerability that brings out the comedy brilliantly. First episodes are notoriously hard to do but the team behind Home Time have cracked it. Clive Tulloh

    a delight - consistently funny, frequently inspired and very moving. Harry Venning
    The Stage

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