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The Abominables

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book | Fiction | 2013
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Shortlisted for the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize 2012

A hundred years ago, in the Himalayan peaks of Nanvi Dar, the daughter of an English earl is kidnapped by a huge hairy monster. In a secret valley Agatha Farlingham is introduced to a family of motherless yetis and devotes her life to their upbringing. She teaches them to speak, tells them stories and insists on polite manners. But as the decades pass, tourists come to the mountains, a hotel is built and yeti-hunters arrive. Agatha knows that there is one place in the world where they would be protected - her ancestral home at Farley Towers.

When a boy and his sister stumble upon her hidden valley, she knows she has found the courageous people who will carry out her plan. The excited yetis are smuggled into the bridal suite at the hotel. A freezer lorry is waiting to put them into semi-hibernation on the long trip home. But the baby yak that has fallen in love with the youngest yeti foils the refrigeration plan and they set off on a hugely entertaining road trip half way across the world. In the Sultan of Aslerfan's kingdom the yetis release all the animals from his zoo. In the Alps they rescue a lost child in a blizzard. In Spain, the yak creates chaos at a bullfight. But when they arrive in England, a terrible shock awaits them at Farley ...


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The Abominables
The Abominables
The Abominables

Funny and sweet, ideal for reading aloud Viv Groskop

My top book of the summer for 8 to 12-year-old readers ... The writing is as crisp as Himalayan snow and is tenderly illustrated by Sharon Rentta. Amanda Craig
The Times

This lost treasure is a joy. If only such a discovery could happen again. Nicolette Jones
The Sunday Times

A delightfully implausible romp.
The Irish Times

You can't go far wrong with The Abominables by the late, lamented Eva Ibbotson ... Charming.
Evening Standard

The joyful absurdity, combined with Ibbotson's wit, warmth, superb characterisation and love of the natural world should make this a classic.
Daily Mail

A luminous, hectic and generous tale ... not only posthumous but vintage Ibbotson ... Lovely sharp writing ... A hugely enjoyable and witty rollick ... Some of the great many children who will love this book might, when they are older, hear its deeper soundings. Mal Peet

As ever Eva Ibbotson brings to life all her characters, even those with only a walk-on role. She paints pictures in the reader's mind by use of her exquisitely crafted prose, never wasting a word. Read it!

This final book by Eva Ibbotson is full of comedy, loveable and eccentric characters and perfectly-crafted plotting.
Best children's books of 2012, Gransnet

"A comic and heartwarming adventure of a family of yetis on the run. Wonderful, timeless storytelling with Ibbotson's typically eccentric streak."
The Bookseller

It’s both hilarious and heartbreaking, and anything but straightforward.

A memorable story ... up there with her finest work. Lorna Bradbury

“Yetis are alive and well and living in a remote part of the Himalayas in this satisfying new novel from Eva Ibbotson. So begins a hugely entertaining and adventurous journey that takes the yetis half way across the world.” The Reading Zone

The Abominables is the sweetest, funniest and most moral of stories…This funny book will make children laugh aloud and read it over and over again for its kindness and humour.
Armadillo Magazine

A memorable finale to a treasured body of work
Publishers Weekly Starred Review
Full Review

Charmingly illustrated...this book will have you smiling before the first chapter's end. 

Newcastle Journal

Warm-hearted, funny and full of magical imagination … a classic in the making.