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The Beasts of Clawstone Castle

book | Fiction | 2005
World → Macmillan

When Madlyn and her younger brother Rollo arrive at crumbling Clawstone Castle, they can see that emergency action is needed before Clawstone falls down completely. With the help of a team of homeless, scary ghosts - including a one-eyed skeleton and Brenda the Bloodstained Bride - they hatch a spooky plan to get the money rolling in. But with a sinister scientist on the loose, money might not be enough to save the mysterious beasts of Clawstone Castle . . .


Roxane Edouard manages the translation rights for The Beasts of Clawstone Castle

The Beasts of Clawstone Castle

Sparky and humorous . . . Ibbotson is dexterous with pace and suspense, accessible, always amusing and a treat to read aloud . . . this book is both joyously light-hearted and profoundly good-natured. 

Sunday Times

A fast-paced adventure story.

Financial Times

An irresistible adventure ...

The Times

A clever blend of magic and humour, The Beasts of Clawstone Castle is an enthralling story, elegantly written. 


Here’s a story that bubbles with humour . . . immensely entertaining and beautifully crafted, the story offers suspense, a satisfying conclusion, superb characterization and, above all, good-natured humour. 

Books for Keeps

This comic adventure has all the right ingredients for a great read – witty characters, hilarious pace and lots of action. 


The book has all of Ibbotson’s gentle wisdom and is a tribute to her inventiveness as well as her lucid prose and lightness of touch.

Times Educational Supplement

What a treat ... 

Daily Mirror

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