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D’Or et D’Oreillers

Shortlisted for the Prix Vendredi 2021
book | Fiction | Mar 2021
France → Ecole Des Loisirs (Ed. Véronique Girard)

A vertiginous bed, on which a dozen mattresses are stacked, stands in the middle of the bedroom and is key to Lord Handerson’s test in helping him choose his future wife. Each candidate is invited to spend the night in Blenkinshop Castle, alone, on top of this dizzyingly high bed. But we are in 19th century England. No young woman in their right mind would agree to spend the night, unchaperoned, in a stranger’s castle. Mrs Watkins, however, has an idea. One stormy night, she succeeds in getting her carriage stuck in the muddy road right in front of the castle’s entrance and sends her three daughters and their chambermaid to find refuge at Blenkinshop Castle for the night. Only one of them will attract the lord’s attention. She is not like the overly sensitive heroine of The Princess and the Pea, but strong and brave. And this is for the best, as this story is no fairy tale, but a love story set in a world of magic and fantasy...

Loosely inspired by The Princess and the Pea fairy tale, D’Or et D’Oreillers is a thrilling adventure and love story about self-discovery.


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Vesco's writing flair manages to blend beautiful classic French with unscrupulous inventiveness.

Raphaële Botte
Le Monde

A spellbinding novel, marrying modesty and sensuality.

Cécile Jaurès
La Croix
Full Review

A sensual retelling of The Princess and the Pea with a feminist heroine. 

Anne-Flore Hervé
Le Magazine

A dazzling book bursting with charm from its opening lines, delightfully inspired by Jane Austen... an unmissable novel full of countless marvels.

Michel Abescat

A truly remarkable story.

Ariane Valadié

Magic, desire and dry humour give this modern fairy tale an especial charm!

Le monde des ados

Rich storyteller Flore Vesco takes on The Princess and the Pea this time... Spellbinding.

Céline Fion
Littérature young adult

Flore Vesco loves classic fairy tales, and it is with these that she excels at serving up a feast, twenty-first century style.

Frédérique Roussel
Pages jeunes

Flore Vesco specifically did not write a steamy book, but one which brushes with sex and desire; a sensory wordsmith with a honeyed pen.

Susie Morgenstern, author of Secret Letters From 0 to 10