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The Dead Rich

book | Fiction | 2023

‘They arrive at luxury marinas, slipping up the Thames, shadowing the pink mansion houses that fringe the shores of Portofino, edging slowly into fat moorings off Brooklyn Marina. From the hills of Monaco, you see them crowding the harbour below... The cheapest cost millions. Like their owners’ money, they can slide silently in and out of any port. Like castles, too, they are defended. They are an entire world, separate from the rest of us. They are fabulous.’

Kai is a musician with a fading career. His dwindling royalties no longer sustain a life of freedom, parties and glamorous girlfriends. When his brother throws him the lifeline of a job interview, Kai has no choice but to accept. But then his young girlfriend Zina invites him to the Caribbean for her father’s birthday party. Kai can’t refuse, even if it means missing the interview. He doesn’t want to let his new girlfriend down.

Kai knows little about Zina other than she is a Russian art student. That changes fast as he steps aboard the birthday party boat, a luxurious, ocean-going superyacht. Its owner? Zina’s father, Stepan Pirumov, a notorious oligarch with no shortage of enemies and a potential assassin on his trail. Are Pirumov’s family safe on a vast yacht full of armed security guards and staff to cater for every whim?

Part locked-room suspense drama, part adventure, The Dead Rich is a fast-paced thriller set among the ultra-rich whose world of helipads, personal trainers, and private chefs hides a flipside of panic rooms, armed guards, and the possibility of danger around any corner.


Claire Nozieres manages the translation rights for The Dead Rich

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