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Danger Zone

book | Non-Fiction | Sep 2022
World English → W W Norton & Co, Inc (Ed. John Glusman)

The Coming Conflict With China

The “rise of China” may be the most read-about news story of the 21st century. The prevailing consensus, in Washington and abroad, is that an ascendant Beijing is threatening to overtake a slumping America. “If we don’t get moving,” said President Biden in 2021, “they’re going to eat our lunch.” Countries in every region, a veteran Asian diplomat reports, are “making preparations for a world” in which China will be “number one.”

Beijing is using an impressive array of military, economic, diplomatic, technological, and ideological tools to protect the power and project the influence of a brutal authoritarian regime. The United States, for its part, is trying to defend a liberal international order it has anchored for generations and prevent Beijing from making the 21st century an age of autocratic ascendancy. America and China are thus locked in a fierce global struggle. It has become conventional wisdom in Washington—a rare point of agreement in a bitterly divided capital—that the two countries are running a “superpower marathon” that may last a century.

Danger Zone is a new perspective on China's rise, arguing that China will be a falling power much sooner than most experts think, explaining why that trend makes the coming decade more dangerous than many American policymakers realize, and how the United States can counter the coming wave of Chinese aggression.


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