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Another Fine Mess

book | Non-Fiction | 2017
World English → Columbia University Press (Ed. Jimmy So)

America, Uganda, and the War on Terror

Western policy-makers tend to slap labels on Africa leaders. Yoweri Museveni, whose NRM rebel movement seized control of Uganda in 1986, has been hailed as a benign autocrat, a charming African Bismarck and trusted partner in the fight against Islamic fundamentalism. Helen Epstein's book unpicks the tropes, exposing the intellectual laziness, inconsistencies and cynicism at the heart of American policy in Africa's Great Lakes region. Her iconoclastic account exposes a far darker side to this key African ally. This is a gripping, angry book, but there is plenty to be angry about.


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A valiant attempt to disentangle the many threads snarled in the continuing African tragedy.

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