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Peeping Tom

book | Fiction | 1984
World → Vintage

Barney Fugleman's problems started when Sharon had him hypnotized - or did they begin when he spied on Rabika Flatman in a hammock?

Either way, he is left with two major preoccupations in life: sex and literature. And not just any old literature (or, for that matter, any old sex): Barney is obsessed by the life and work of a man hailed by many as a towering genius of the nineteenth century - and by Barney as a 'prurient little Victorian ratbag'.

This curious compulsion may pain him, yet it propels him - out of Finchley, out of the life he shares with Sharon and her 'rampant marvellings' - to Cornwall.

There, as he offends serious ramblers with his slip-on snakeskin shoes, as he stomps the wild Atlantic cliffs on long, morbid walks born of the even longer and more morbid novels of his alter ego, he will tamper with the truth, tangle with the imperious Camilla - and tell a riotous tale.


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Peeping Tom

The funniest book about sex ever written. Time Out

Brilliantly funny and inventive…An astonishing display of irreverent wit, marvellous situational set-pieces and biting one-liners. The Guardian

Brilliant and original. Evening Standard

Howard Jacobson comes from behind the "tropic swamps of the imagination" to drag admirers into them again, kicking and screaming and laughing our heads off. The Times

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