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The Inbetweeners Yearbook

book | Non-Fiction | 2011
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A note from the book's editor:

Dear Respected Customer,

Welcome to the first ever official Rudge Park yearbook.

When I put myself forward to be the editor of the yearbook, my headmaster Mr Gilbert was the first to wish me words of wisdom and support. His actual words - 'Well, McKenzie, I'm looking forward to seeing how you piss this one up' - were the inspiration behind this book. Sadly, and this is not an apology, due to a print schedule that can only be described as fascistic, I wasn't able to finish the book to my exact liking. However, I was very lucky that my 'friends', Jay Cartwright, Simon Cooper and Neil Sutherland decided to supply a lot of the material

So, inside this 'masterpiece' (Polly McKenzie) you'll find: Simon's Love Poetry, Jay's A-Z of Sex and (nonsensical) Business Plan, the Camber Sands Caravan Club newsletter, Neil's Biology coursework, entitled Do You Put the Balls In? and his map of Rudge Park, along with some incisive pieces of journalism, most likely written by me. And there's lots of other random stuff which has never seen the light of day. God knows how it got in there.

It is my greatest, and only, achievement from my two years at Rudge Park. May it bring you years of happiness and joy, and not just on the toilet.


William McKenzie, Editor

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The Inbetweeners Yearbook
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