Ilona Bannister is a dual qualified US attorney and UK solicitor. She practiced UK immigration law before taking a break to raise her sons. Her experience as a lawyer working closely with families in difficult situations as well as her life as an American expat in her adopted country have made her a keen observer of people and the struggles of outsiders. 

Ilona is a native New Yorker married to an Englishman and raising two young sons in London. In her free time, Ilona enjoys running, usually away from her children.

Her first novel,When I Ran Away, was developed on Faber Academy's Work in Progress course.

A profoundly moving story showing the redemptive power of love and acceptance - of friends, family and also of ourselves. Smart, brave and often very funny…I was captivated.

Sarah Haywood, bestselling author of The Cactus
on When I Ran Away