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The Bad Mother

book | Fiction | 2013
UK & Comm → Quercus (Ed. Jane Wood)
Are there secrets that should never be told?

If so, how far must a mother go to keep them?

Tessa Parker runs a successful B&B in a seaside town. During a surprise visit, a long-lost aunt lets slip a family secret with devastating consequences.

Navigating her own turmoil at a crucial moment in her children's lives, Tessa’s search for her birth father forces her to decide who she really wants to be.

But now her son is missing. Has she left it too late to be a good mother?


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The Bad Mother

An enthralling and often surprising journey for both the character and the reader.

Page to Stage Reviews

A moving novel, as a well as a convincing one, and it shows with great clarity how past crimes and well-meaning manipulation damage families for years afterwards.

Book Oxygen

A compelling read full of page-turning mystery and intrigue. This book will have you doubting yourself, changing your theories and looking at things from different angles.

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