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The Shop

#1 Kindle Bestseller
book | Fiction | 2012
World English → Thomas & Mercer
At first glance, the shooting death of a small-town police chief in a rundown Florida motel room looks like an assignation gone bad. But as sheriff’s detective Jolie Burke plumbs deeper into the crime’s murky undercurrents, she uncovers a conspiracy shocking in its scope.

In her relentless pursuit of justice, Burke follows a byzantine path that takes her from the lottery-driven fantasies of an unemployed leaf-blower, to a winsome Panama City Beach transvestite, and finally, to the island compound of her estranged uncle - the Attorney General of the United States.

And in a ski chalet in Aspen, Colorado, the stage is set for an orgy of death, destruction, and infamy.

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The Shop
The Shop
The Shop
The Shop
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