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Solid Ivory

book | Non-Fiction | Nov 2021
US → Farrar, Straus & Giroux Inc
UK → Little, Brown & Company

The memoirs of iconic film director, screenwriter, and producer James Ivory, edited by acclaimed novelist Peter Cameron.


“How does someone become James Ivory ? How does someone become one of the finest movie makers of his time ? These pages provide us with a key to unlock this enigma : friendship, travels, love, desire, and of course, sometimes, disillusions, hardships.  The collision of all these experiences in the life of James Ivory gave us some of the most beautiful and empowering films of
the last decades.”

Edouard Louis

“Jim is as eloquent and elegant with words as with the camera; here are almost a series of short stories of his life, vivid snapshots, told with an exacting eye. Every sentence is filled with his wry cadence, guided by his appreciation of things beautiful, amusing and unusual. We take the tour of his life which has as fascinating a cast and is set in locations as far flung and exotic as
his films - except with way more sex .Jim is now in his ninth decade and I believe his secret elixir is a delight in life - read it and drink it in!”    

Helena Bonham Carter

'A memoir as eloquent and gracious as his films, Ivory’s page-turner brims over with the boldness, candor, and modesty which only great minds can claim. Places, objects, bodies, people, and so many names, all have a place in his unassailably brilliant life.'

Andre Aciman

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