Jamie Ballard

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Role Teiresias
Director Polly Findlay Starring
  • Jodie Whittaker
  • Christoper Eccleston
    The National Theatre

    Sophocles’ tragedy tells the story of Antigone, condemned to death by King Creon for disobeying his orders to bury her dead brother.

    In Polly Findlay’s National Theatre production, Jamie played the blind prophet Tiresias, who advises Creon against punishing Antigone with death, for fear of angering the gods. However, his warning goes unheeded, setting a tragic cycle in motion, as Creon’s son Haemon dies before the ruler is toppled in turn.


    Jamie Ballard is a blistering (and blistered) Tiresias Susannah Clapp
    The Observer

    Jamie Ballard’s Teiresias sends icy shivers down the spine. Claire Allfree

    Jamie Ballard gives a powerful performance Natasha Tripney
    Theatre Mania

    Jamie Ballard is chilling as Teiresias Henry Hitchings
    The Evening Standard

    Jamie Ballard’s horribly diseased truth-telling seer Teiresias gives sterling support

    Heather Neill
    The Stage

    A visually scarred Jamie Ballard is properly disturbing as the blind Teiresias. Matt Wolf
    New York Times

    Jamie Ballard as the prophetic Teiresias has the testy impatience of the truth-teller. Michael Billington
    The Guardian

    "superb new staging" ****

    Michael Coveney
    Whats On Stage

    “…..there is tremendous work from Jamie Ballard, who is superbly sinister and haunting as the blind prophet Teiresias” Charles Spencer
    The Telegraph

    “Jamie Ballard, half his face crusted over, giving as excellent a performance as ever.”

    Ian Shuttleworth
    Financial Times

    “…a visually scarred Jamie Ballard is properly disturbing as the blind Teiresias”. Matt Wolf
    New York Times

    “Jamie Ballard…..delivering a bravado turn as the blind oracle Tiresias; his latex-clad face alive with rage at Creon’s pigheaded arrogance. A performance this powerful could upstage almost anyone.” Steve Dineen
    City AM

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