Jamie Ballard

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Role MacDuff
Director Jamie Lloyd Starring
  • James McAvoy
    Trafalgar Studios

    "Jamie Ballard is a tearful, vivid Macduff" **** Henry Hitchings
    The Evening Standard

    "Jamie Ballard movingly captures the terrible grief of Macduff"**** Charlie Spencer
    The Telegraph

    "Macduff (played by Jamie Ballard in an eventual ecstasy of principled Woad Rage)"**** Paul Taylor
    The Independent

    “There are excellent performances elsewhere - notably Jamie Ballard’s Macduff, who delivers the dreadful ‘All my pretty chickens?’ line is tears.” Claire Allfree
    The Metro

    “Jamie Ballard is equally full bodied. The scene in which he learns of his family’s slaughter is the uncomfortable viewing that it deserves to be.” Charlie Burton
    GQ Magazine

    “Ballard’s portrayal of a husband’s shocked disbelief at the news of his murdered family is genuinely heartbreaking” Zoe Craig
    The Londonist

    “Jamie Ballard is devastatingly good as a grief-stricken Macduff, dragging out every disbelieving question at the news of his family’s slaughter into an agony of despair.”

    Tom Wicker
    Exeunt Magazine

    “…the stand out performance came from Jamie Ballard, his portrayal of Macduff’s grief and emotional turmoil was extremely moving.” Andrew Tomlins
    West End Frame

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