Jamie Ballard

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Measure for Measure

Role Angelo
Director Roxanna Silbert
Royal Shakespeare Company

Roxanna Silbert’s RSC production of Measure for Measure gave the play a real S&M streak, bringing Vienna’s red light district to the heart of Stratford.

Jamie played Angelo, the deputy charged with overseeing Vienna following the disappearance of Duke Vicentio. However, the Duke has not gone far; disguised as a beggar, he keeps a close eye on the malicious rule of his Number 2.

Measure for Measure

Jamie Ballard offers a fine performance as the naively austere Angelo. Kevin Quarmby
British Theatre Guide

[Ballard’s] Angelo is like the school prefect who suddenly discovers girls. Desire ambushes him, making him unexpectedly uncertain, even bashful. Lyn Gardner
The Guardian

Jamie Ballard, as the leather-girdled Angelo, is suitably intense, a man unsettled and ultimately undone by the strength of his desires. Natasha Tripney
The Stage

Jamie Ballard is really good as a tense Angelo, forbidden desire churning behind his puritan sterility. Quentin Letts
Daily Mail

Ballard has a nice line as an austere man whose composed exterior conceals sudden bubbling torment ... a fine Measure. Fiona Mountford
The Evening Standard

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