Jeremy Herrin

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Tusk, Tusk

Writer Polly Stenham Starring
  • Finn Bennett
  • Bel Powley
  • Toby Regbo
    Royal Court Theatre Upstairs
    Once upon a time in what feels like another country, three children play hide and seek. Fifteen year old Elliott wears a crown, thirteen year old Maggie wraps herself in silk and little Finn draws on the walls. Together they watch a mobile phone intensely, willing it to come to life. Whose call are they waiting for and why are they home alone?

    As hilarious as it is heartbreaking, Tusk Tusk, Polly Stenham’s second play, is a tale of family ties as an uncertain future circles.
    Tusk, Tusk

    "Director Jeremy Herrin has...proved again - as he has done with David Hare and T S Eliot - that he knows how to find the proper rhythm for stage dialogue and maintain that fluency." Michael Coveney
    The Independent

    "Jeremy Herrin's superlative production.." Matt Wolf
    The New York Times

    "Jeremy Herrin's assured, dynamically acted production intensifies the mood." Nicholas de Jongh
    The Evening Standard

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