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What to Eat

book | Non-Fiction | 2012
UK & Comm → Fourth Estate Limited (Ed. Louise Haines)
Food should be one of life’s greatest pleasures, yet increasingly, the choices facing consumers have become increasingly problematic. As well as having to think about what food may, or may not, be doing to you and yours, twenty-first century eaters have to think about what impact the food we eat is having on the environment, farm animals and food producers, both in far away places and back home. Globally, the world is running low on food and water, so we can no longer rely on a steady supply of cheap food. Meanwhile on the home front, many of us are watching our money like never before.

Armed with this comprehensive, easy-to-navigate reference book which covers all common types of food, you can simplify your food choices, be aware of environmental and food security issues and quickly identify the best and most ethical food to eat. Answering the most frequently asked questions such as ‘Is farmed fish better than wild?’; ‘Is red meat bad for you?’; ‘Could GM food feed the world?’; ‘Is it better to drink bottled or tap water?’; ‘Is saturated fat really so bad for me?’ and ‘Are organic foods really worth the extra expense?’, Blythman will help you choose what to eat, guiding you to everything you need to know to eat well.

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What to Eat

"Everyone who cares what they eat and how they feed their family should read this book." Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall

"Joanna Blythman has one of the sanest food heads in the western world - and this brilliant book encapsulates her admirably clear thinking in a wonderfully accessible, entertaining way." Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall

" A rare book, practical, sensible, and passionate. Joanna Blythman writes with clarity, sanity ad humanity. Anyone interested in food and cooking should read it." Matthew Fort

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