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Role Guy Bellingfield
Director Lyndsey Turner Writer Laura Wade Starring
    Royal Court Theatre
    Laura Wade's Posh played on the Royal Court main stage in the run-up to the 2010 election, providing a frisson of controversy by imagining an Oxford University dining club much like the Bullingdon Club of which David Cameron and Boris Johnson were members.

    In an oak-panelled room in Oxford, ten young bloods with cut-glass vowels and deep pockets are meeting, intent on restoring their right to rule. Members of an elite student dining society, the Riot Club, the boys are bunkering down for a wild night of debauchery, decadence and bloody good wine. But this isn’t the last huzzah: they’re planning a takeover.

    Josh, still a student at RADA when he was cast, played Guy, the sychopantic enthusiast for all things Riot Club. A priggish little piece of work, Guy is the youngest member of the group on a night that takes a course all of its own.

    Guy Bellingfield, played with perfect overeager oiliness by Joshua McGuire Naomi Alderman
    The Times

    Joshua McGuire, a new Tom Hollander Michael Coveney

    Good casting brings us Joshua McGuire (still a drama school student) as one of the Riot Club's swells, Guy. Quentin Letts
    Daily Mail

    Leo Bill particularly impressive as the impassioned Alistair and Joshua McGuire equally strong as the usurping Guy. Aleks Sierz
    The Stage

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