A lifelong passion for films and martial arts led Jude to pursue work in the Hong Kong movie industry aged 18. After 8 years working as a stunt performer and action actor on films with stars such as Jackie Chan & Jet Li, he returned to the UK. 

Back in London for more than a decade, Jude is now a sought after action director, action designer, and stunt coordinator. To craft creative, exciting, safely executed fight & action sequences, he brings not only an understanding of the physical aspects but also the technical - camera, editing, and visual effects.

Jude recently wrapped as action designer & lead stunt coordinator for the HBO Cinemax/Sky Atlantic series "Gangs of London", which marked his second collaboration with acclaimed action film director Gareth Evans ("The Raid"). 

His other recent credits as stunt coordinator include "A Private War" starring Rosamund Pike & Jamie Dornan, and "Teen Spirit" starring Elle Fanning - Jude's third film for Oscar-nominated producer Fred Berger ("La La Land").



Stunt Co-ordinator 

Director Colin Hardy, Gareth Evans, Xavier Gens
Pulse Films for SKY Atlantic
Channel 4


Stunt Co-ordinator & Action Designer 

Director Gareth Evans

Stunt Co-ordinator & Action Unit Director 


Stunt Co-ordinator 

Director Malachi Smyth
WestEnd Films
Sentinel Entertainment Broadcaster
Director Charlie Dorfman
Director Wilson Yip

UK Stunt Coordinator 

Well Go USA Entertainment
Golden Harvest Company
Director Matthew Heineman
Aviron Pictures
Acacia Filmed Entertainment
Director Martin Owen
Amazon Prime Video
Director Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje
Momentum Pictures
EMG Management
Director Andrew Morahan
ITN Distribution
GlobalWatch Films
Director Richard Billingham
Jacqui Davies
Director Max Minghella
Bleecker Street Media
Mister Smith Entertainment
Director Fernando Coimbra
The Mark Gordon Company
Director Ian Bonhote
Universal Pictures
Elephant Gun Films
Director Andre Ovredal
IFC Films
Director Martin Owen
IFC Films
Director Mirko Pinchelli
Flix Premiere
Director Ashok Pati
Eskay Movies
Eskay Movies
Director Sacha Bennett
Central Park Films
Hereford Films
Director Gabe Turner
Breaking Glass Pictures
DP Films
Director Rebecca Johnson
ARRAY Releasing
Bright Pictures
Producer Richard Jobson
Pinnacle Films
Big Life Pictures
Director Jones
Indie Street
Bobo Kaminski
Director Mike Figgis
Sunfilm Entertainment
Sosho Production
Director Len Wiseman

Motion Capture Reshoot

Columbia Pictures
Total Recall
Director Jonathan Glendening
Kaleidoscope Film Distribution
Black & Blue Films
Director Arjun Rose
Exile Media Group
Director Neil Jones
Cut Entertainment Group
Burn Hand Film Productions
Director Paul Wilkins
Starfish Films
Director Paul Tanter
Buffalo 8 Productions
Press On Features
Director Hattie Dalton
Emerging Pictures
Western Edge Pictures
Director Eran Creevy
Breaking Glass Pictures
BBC Films

Action Director 

Director David LG Hughes
Saban Films
Fatal Black
Director Baba Yadav

UK Action Director

Eskay Movies
Eskay Movies
Director Ashok Pati
Eskay Movies
Eskay Movies
Director Paul Tanter
Press On Features