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Nonfiction: a Novel

book | May 2022
UK & Comm excluding Canada → Corsair (Little Brown)

Two parents stand by powerlessly as their only child seems intent on destroying herself. Meanwhile the mother - a novelist - attempts to understand her uneasy, unresolved relationship with her own mother. Weaving between childhoods past and present, as well as a current narrative laced with temptation and betrayal, this is the delicate journey of a mother, daughter, wife and author struggling to make sense of her world. But can a writer ever be trusted with the truth of her own story? Clear-eyed, self-lacerating and at times frighteningly direct, Julie Myerson's latest novel explores maternal love as the emotional foundation we both crave and fear. A howl of fury, as well as a moving love letter from a mother to a daughter, this is a book about damage, addiction, recovery and creativity.


Claire Nozieres manages the translation rights for Nonfiction: a Novel

Claire Nozieres manages the translation rights for Nonfiction: a Novel


This novel blazes with truths about not just addiction but female identity and maternal love, compassion and creativity. And in its bare-knuckle engagement with what it means to be a writer – with the compulsion to turn life into art, whatever the cost, and the extent to which any wordsmith can ever really be trusted – it’s almost shockingly exposing... the author goes further than most and the results are nothing less than incandescent.

Hephzibah Anderson

Gripping…satisfyingly propulsive.

The Spectator

Searingly honest

Andrea Catherwood
BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

Seemingly candid, clear-eyed and glittering with emotional truths, this is nonetheless the work of a writer scrupulously in control of her story as she flits between past and present, revealing the complications of disharmonious homes.

Mail on Sunday

Rachel Cusk, whose sparse, confessional novels are its close cousins, has called it “glitteringly painful”. I agree. It’s her best novel yet. Myerson has yet to win a prize or score a real bestseller; this may be the one. It feels cripplingly truthful, by which I mean it rings very true. Those who would rightly ask why she has dredged up her experiences of that period should read the book — it justifies its own existence.

The Times

This is such a compulsive read. Searingly
honest and raw, Julie Myerson's new novel cuts to the heart of emotions we might try to evade, because they're just too overwhelming

Deborah Moggach

Sitting somewhere between fact and fiction, this is a raw exploration of a mother's attempt to save her addict daughter... written with sharp-eyed insight.

Good Housekeeping

Myerson writes with devastating clarity about the most
complex and troubling of emotions. Nonfiction is painful, powerful, and utterly compelling

Sarah Waters

Searing and tragic and cleverly layered, this thought-provoking novel about mothers and daughters, guilt and responsibility, fiction and truth, took me to the dark interior of family relationships and left me heart-broken. Just wonderful.

Claire Fuller

Some writers are given their material as a form of destiny, and Julie Myerson’s Nonfiction is a startling recognition of that destiny. This glitteringly painful novel, so steady and clear in its analysis of addiction, creativity, and the factors that determine female and familial identity, is the book she was intended to write, and she has elevated it into a template for the re-making of self by means of a transformative and radical honesty.

Rachel Cusk

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