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The Stopped Heart

book | Fiction | 2016
UK → Jonathan Cape (Ed. Dan Franklin)
US → HarperCollins (Ed. Claire Wachtel )
Canada → HarperCollins (Ed. Iris Tupholme)
Some memories are too powerful to live only in the past. 

During a ferocious storm, a red-haired stranger appears in the garden of a small farming cottage. Eliza and her parents take him in. But very soon, it’s clear he has no intention of leaving. 

A century later, Mary and Graham have experienced every parent’s worst nightmare. Now, escaping the memories and the headlines, they have found an idyllic new home in rural Suffolk. A cottage, a beautiful garden. The perfect place to forget. To move on. But life doesn’t always work that way. 

A devastating depiction of profound loss, sexual longing, love and true evil, The Stopped Heart is the finest novel to date from this most fearless and original of writers. 

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Ruthlessly addictive.

Claire Allfree

The story is heart wrenching, unremittingly grisly… A thriller and…a page-turner… The Stopped Heart exposes the flesh of the lives cut in half, the pain and loves of the past, and why they are no less real than the present.

Heloise Wood
Independent on Sunday

Unsettling and unputdownable.

Woman & Home

The ever enjoyable Julie Myerson has produced a haunting story of love and loss, whose mystical theme is that extreme tragedy leaves a stain that never truly dies… Gripping and moving.

John Harding
Daily Mail

A brilliantly unsettling read. Myerson’s elegant prose creates a suffocating feeling of dread as the psychological consequences of loss and violence are mercilessly revealed.

Eithne Farry
Mail on Sunday

Darkness courses through Myerson’s psychological horror novel.

Francesca Angelini
Sunday Times

Myerson evokes mystery and madness, with glimpses into devastating events, the full extent of which are slowly and skilfully uncovered.


Myerson twines a delightfully twisted tale, exposing the dark underbelly of love and the gaping, raw wounds of grief… By turns terrifying and heartbreaking; an enthralling spine-chiller.

Kirkus Review

Past and present blend in this addictive, heart-stopping tale

Woman & Home

Bloody brilliant

Paula Hawkins, author of 'The Girl on the Train'

It’s a gothic thriller that doesn’t go over the top; more alarming still for its literary precision... This is a book that you will turn through the night to reach its conclusion — Myerson has you dying for the end and even surer that you will do just that when you get there. 

Alex O'Connell
The Times
Full Review

This novel is beautifully written and cleverly told. And it’s almost completely terrifying…. Edge-of-your-seat suspense… It’s the sort of book you cannot put down.

Viv Groskop
The Observer

There’s a rhythm to these purposeful leaps between past and present that becomes part of the experience of reading this increasingly gripping novel.... The German word unheimlich captures best what Myerson writes about so well: that eerie sense when something is both familiar and unfamiliar.

Katharine Weber
New York Times Book Review

The Stopped Heart is just as frightening as Edgar Allan Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart. Scary, suspenseful, and the most intriguing novel yet. This new thriller by Julie Myerson is incredible.

Danielle Urban
San Francisco Book Review

An unsettling and disturbing tale that should please anyone wishing to spend these winter nights in the company of a very dark imagination indeed

The Sunday Telegraph

Myerson captures the sorrow that surpasses all understanding... not easy to cast aside.

Alex Clark

This novel is impossible to put down... A stunner.

Michele Leber
Full Review

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