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Jada's Journey

book | Fiction | Jan 2020
France → Editions Cambourakis (Ed. Isabelle Cambourakis)

Illustrated by Barbara Brun

Iris and Jada are twins. The girls share everything, from the shape of their eyes, to their nose, down to the braids they always wear and their twin medallions. They only differ in one way: the colour of their skin. Iris’s is as clear as acacia whilst Jada’s as dark as cocoa. In their village, Iris is constantly complimented while Jada is mocked. One night, tired of the comments, Jada ventures into the forest hoping to meet the fabled ‘children of the Night’ to whom her grandmother has always compared her to. As Iris searches for Jada in the forest, both girls learn about beauty and the different ways to shine.

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