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Our Burned Days

book | Fiction | Sep 2021
France → Albin Michel Jeunesse (Ed. Karine Van Wormhoud)

Nos Jours Brûlés

2049. For twenty years, Day has disappeared and the reason for this upheaval remains a mystery. Although Elikia has only ever known the Great Night and its dangers, her mother, Diba, refuses to resign herself to it. Convinced that the sun's disappearance is linked with that of Judda, an ancient city which would have housed divine beings, the two roam Africa in search of clues and remains. Their epic tale takes them to the heart of the Invisible…


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With Nos Jours Brûlés, Laura Nsafou writes a dystopian novel like no other. A powerful writer… now recognised in a French literary world that is struggling to reinvent itself, Nsafou’s Nos Jours Brûlés heralds a new genre of dystopia with a stunning depth to it.


Inspired by African myths and legends... [Nos Jours Brûlés] takes much of its uniqueness from her rich, powerful fantasy world.


Nos Jours Brûlés shows how we hold onto hope in its brutal absence

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Laura Nsafou writes a coming-of-age story suffused with different African beliefs and cosmogonies. The reader is plunged into a bountiful fantasy world which opens the door to an exciting universe… the personality of our heroine, endearing and fighting, brings the necessary touch of light and hope.


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