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A Stranger City

book | Fiction | May 2019
UK & Comm → Virago Press (Ed. Lennie Goodings)

When a dead body is found in the Thames, caught in the chains of HMS Belfast, it begins a search for a missing woman and confirms a sense that in London a person can become invisible once outside their community - and that assumes they even have a community. 

A policeman, a documentary film maker and an Irish nurse named Chrissie all respond to the death of the unknown woman in their own ways. 

London is a place of random meetings, shifting relationships - and some, like Chrissie intersect with many. The filmmaker and the policeman meanwhile have safe homes with wives - or do they? An immigrant family speaks their own language only privately; they have managed to integrate - or have they? 

The wonderful Linda Grant weaves a tale around ideas of home; how London can be a place of exile or expulsion, how home can be a physical place or an idea. How all our lives intersect and how coincidence or the randomness of birth place can decide how we live and with whom.


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"This gripping and disquieting novel is a Brexit dystopia. It is also a London novel, and the ambiguity of the title runs through it like a river."

Sydney Morning Herald
Full Review

A Stranger City by Linda Grant book review

Grant tackles Brexit, terrorism, acid attacks, racism, social media, climate change — every headline which daily sends seismic shudders through London — with the lightest of touches.

Francesca McCoy
Evening Standard
Full Review

Grant is superb on London life...her deft peeling back of the capital’s layers raises increasingly unsettling questions about where all of us might be heading

Stephanie Cross
Daily Mail
Full Review

[A] shimmering new novel . . . Grant's book is as much a love letter to London as a lament, an ode to pink skin after sunny days and lost gloves waving from railings

The Economist

Insightful emotional accuracy

Sunday Times

A compelling portrait of contemporary London

Suzi Feay
Financial Times
Full Review

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