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Call Me Star Girl

book | Fiction | Apr 2019
UK → Orenda Books (Ed. Karen Sullivan)

Tonight is the night for secrets...

Pregnant Victoria Valbon was brutally murdered in an alley three weeks ago - and the killer hasn’t been caught.

Tonight is Stella McKeever’s final radio show. The theme is secrets. She wants yours, and in exchange she will share some of hers. 

Stella might tell you about Tom, a boyfriend who likes to play games, about the mother who abandoned her, now back after fourteen years. She might tell you about the perfume bottle with the star-shaped stopper, or about her father …
What Stella really wants to know is more about the mysterious man calling the station … who says he knows who killed Victoria, and has proof. 

Tonight is the night for secrets, and Stella wants to know everything…
With echoes of the chilling Play Misty for Me, Call Me Star Girl is a taut, emotive and all-consuming psychological thriller that plays on our deepest fears, providing a stark reminder that stirring up dark secrets from the past.


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'Call Me Star Girl is an unique psychological thriller which is packed with tension and suspense, The empty radio studio makes for a creeping setting and the recent murder adds a layer of mystery to the tale. A dark and atmospheric read that sends shivers down your spine.'

Margaret Madden
Irish Independent

Noirish psychological thriller with fascinating, disturbing characters. Compelling, twisty, and seriously addictive.

Will Dean

Her first foray into crime fiction. If you’re wondering whether she can do it, my thoughts are simple: She could write anything. And you should bloody well read it. 

Will Foray

It's a slow burn at first until it twists and turns at a head-staggering rate to a devastating climax. Original, moody and totally gripping. 

Claire Allan

Louise Beech blasts into the world of thriller writing with this moody and tense tale. With secrets, lies and plenty of twisty turns, it’s story is dark and it’s setting eerie and evocative. Definitely one where you might look over your shoulder more than once while reading!

Fionnuala Kearney

An original story and beautifully written, so atmospheric… Dark, mesmerising and utterly devastating. 

SJI Holliday

Beech has used her unique flair and constructed a crime fiction story that will have you frantically turning the pages until you get to the end. 

Michael Wood

A change in direction of genre but one that pays off – it effortlessly retains Louise’s inimitable voice. A thriller with heart, passion and twists that will surprise even the most astute readers. 

John Marrs

Call Me Star Girl is tense and gripping, powerful and shocking - a tale of love and loss. It's dark and twisty, yet also packed with passion and raw emotion…Yet another 'must read' from Louise Beech. 

Off-the-Shelf Books

A stirring novel, beautifully written, reminiscent of the early work of Maggie O’Farrell.

Irish Times

Fans of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine will love it


Superb storytelling…it is claustrophobic, unsettling and intense.


It’s extraordinary – tense, twisted and utterly compelling, written with such raw beauty and unflinching honesty.

Miranda Dickinson

Quirky, darkly comic, heartfelt and original.

Sunday Mirror

This achingly sad story has wonderful characters, including the spiky, sweary Catherine

Sunday People

A heartbreaking yet ultimately uplifting tale

Good Housekeeping

'Part psychological thriller, part literary noir and part tragic family drama, its multiple strands slowlymerge to reveal a captivating truth’

Heat Magazine

'As twisty and deadly as barbed wire, this book will leave you breathless’ 

Erin Kelly

'A complex and layered tale that charmed me as a much as it traumatised me. An atmospheric, haunting and beautifully written page turner!’ 

C L Taylor

'A smart, complex and beautifully written psychological thriller, with a raw intensity at it’s heart. Twisty, addictive and completely compelling, this powerful story will keep you hooked and leave you haunted’

Best Magazine

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