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I Am Dust

book | Fiction | Apr 2020
UK → Orenda Books (Ed. Karen Sullivan)

The Dean Wilson Theatre is believed to be haunted by a long-dead actress, singing her last song, waiting for her final cue, looking for her killer…

Now Dust, the iconic musical, is returning after twenty years. But who will be brave enough to take on the role of ghostly goddess Esme Black, last played by Morgan Miller, who was murdered in her dressing room?

Theatre usher Chloe Dee is caught up in the spectacle. As the new actors arrive, including an unexpected face from her past, everything changes. Are the eerie sounds and sightings backstage real or just her imagination? Is someone playing games?

Is the role of Esme Black cursed? Could witchcraft be at the heart of the tragedy? And are dark deeds from Chloe’s past about to catch up with her?

Not all the drama takes place onstage. Sometimes murder, magic, obsession and the biggest of betrayals are real life. When you’re in the theatre shadows, you see everything. And Chloe has been watching…


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'...disturbing tale of ghosts and theatrical ambition.....Fans of paranormal mysteries will
be satisfied’'

Publishers Weekly

Running its cold fingers long your spin, I Am Dust is a delicate and mesmerising thriller

Matt Wesolowski

Ghost story, murder mystery, romance. This mesmerising and entertaining book has it all. Out in paperback this April. It's very spooky!

Emma Curtis

Dark and haunting, this is another cracking read which further cements Louise Beech as one of the most original and exciting authors of the moment

Claire Allan

A bold, original concept brilliantly executed by an author who is unafraid to cross genres and challenge herself and her readers. I adored it

John Marrs

This book is about believing in yourself and finding out that you had the power all along

Madeleine Black

‘A haunted theatre. A murdered actress. Three cursed teenagers. A secret that devastates them all...’ Louise delivers every single time. I Am Dust is haunting, provocative, and true to Beech’s style: packed with pain and heart’

Jack Jordan

Not going to lie, I had a tear in my eye. A delicate supernatural thriller of love, loss, murder and the dangers that come with getting what you wish for. Quite lovely in a dark dark way

Sarah Pinborough

It’s a darn good tale is what it is. Louise can, I’m convinced write in any genre, which makes her very special indeed. With ‘I am Dust’, I think she’s mastered the sense of place. I was in that theatre. I felt the breath on my neck… It kept me reading until my eyes hurt and kept me thinking about it long after I’d finished. A cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for, I loved it!

Fionnuala Kearney

‘haunting and provocative’

Crime Monthly

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