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Good Bones and Simple Murders

book | 4 | 1994
UK → Virago Press
Canada → McClelland & Stewart Inc

Good Bones and Simple Murders brings together two of Margaret Atwood's short story collections, Good Bones and Murder in the Dark, in one volume.

This compilation is a concentrated burst of the trademark wit and virtuosity of Atwood’s bestselling novels, brilliant stories, and insightful poetry. Among the miniatures gathered here are Gertrude offering Hamlet a piece of her mind, the real truth about the Little Red Hen, a reincarnated bat explaining how Bram Stoker got Dracula all wrong, and five home-economist methods of making a man.

Atwood has fashioned an enthralling collection of parables, monologues, prose poems, condensed science fictions, reconfigured fairy tales, and other diminutive masterpieces, punctuated with charming illustrations by the author.


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Good Bones and Simple Murders

(Atwood) proves she is an accomplished miniaturist...She can pack more wallop into less space than any other writer in her weight class.
Toronto Globe and Mail

sprightly, whimsically feminist collection of miniatures and musings Jennifer Howard
New York Times
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A sparkling collection.…She never fails to entertain.
The Sunday Times

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