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book | Oct 2021
France → Editions de l'Olivier (Ed. Nathalie Zberro)

Born into a practising Muslim family in the Parisian suburbs, Mariame Tighanimine wore a hijab for a long time. Until, little by little, she began to realise that everything she said, wrote and thought was seen through her ‘hijab’ by the external world. 

This manifesto-book, courageously bringing nuance to a debate so often lacking in it, explores questions that the hijab raises for women and, beyond that, for society as a whole.


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An antiracist feminist manifesto in which [Mariame] questions the hijab with serenity and conviction. 

Liberation France

A short, passionate book explaining how, after wearing the hijab for eighteen years, [Mariame] ended up removing it.


Both a testimony and a manifesto, Mariame Tighanimine's book is rare, courageous and tries to make us reflect on one of the most inflammatory subjects of public debate: the hijab. Dévoilons-nous recounts her personal and intellectual thought process that brought her to abandon the hijab.

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