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My Life in Film

Producer Paul Schlesinger Starring
  • Alice Lowe
  • Kris Marshall
  • Andrew Scott
    Production Company BBC Productions
    Broadcaster BBC 2

    Mark Chappell's My Life in Film revolved around an ingenious conceit: as Art and Jones pursue their every day lives haplessly attempting to carve themselves careers as indie film makers, unbeknownst to them their adventures follow the plot lines of iconic films.

    When Art falls in love with the next door neighbour, little does he realize how closely his travails mirror Rear Window; and when the next door neighbour asks him to look after her goldfish, and the pet is tragically slain, it's doesn't occur to him quite how similar the experience is to certain aspects of Shallow Grave...

    Starring Kris Marshall, Andrew Scott and Alice Lowe and directed by award winning short film director Toby Macdonald, My Life in Film was subsequently developed in the US as a changed format with Mark penning the pilot script.

    My Life in Film
    My Life in Film

    This really is an excellent comedy series.
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