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The Management of Savagery

book | Non-Fiction | Mar 2019
World English → Verso (Ed. Leo Hollis)

The Management of Savagery is the first journalistic and historical survey of the parallel rise of international jihadism and Western ultra-nationalism. This book examines extremist forces not simply as the root of this self-feeding crisis, but as the inevitable result of a national security state supported by bipartisan consensus throughout the West.

Blending field reporting, original investigative journalism, and contextual analysis, The Management of Savagery is an intervention in its own right -- on behalf of those struggling to understand the causes of the crisis ripping at the fabric of their societies and against the demagogues exploiting it in order to widen the rift.


Claire Nozieres manages the translation rights for The Management of Savagery


A thought provoking disturbing book about America’s foreign wars and the impact on the USA itself. [...] Max Blumenthal is a courageous and essential commentator for our troubled times We all need to read this book to better understand the world we live in.

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