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Peggy and Me

book | Non-Fiction | Oct 2016
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For years Miranda didn't consider herself a dog person. In fact, she viewed dog owners with some suspicion. She was bored by their tendency to talk only about their pouch, alarmed by their light coating of dog hair and troubled by their apparent comfort around excrement.

But that all changed when, nine years ago, Miranda met Peggy. She was exceptionally cute (the dog), very smart (again, the dog) and they bonded from their very first meeting. Over time their love has blossomed and Peggy and Miranda are now inseparable.

Peggy and Me is not only the story of one woman's love for her beloved canine, and account of her life with her best companion. But also a look at lessons Miranda has learned about herself, and life, all with Peggy by her side. Tender, but in characteristic Miranda style, a humour filled jolly too.


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Peggy & Me

Open, honest... Her misadventures are hilariously described... Charming and funny.

Daily Express

Hilariously funny and often moving memoir... We loved every word. Five stars.


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