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Love Marriage

book | Fiction | Feb 2022
US → Scribner (Ed. Nan Graham)
UK & Comm excluding Canada → Virago Press (Ed. Sarah Savitt)

Yasmin Ghorami has a lot to be grateful for: a loving family, a fledgling career in medicine, and a charming, handsome fiancée, fellow doctor Joe Sangster.

But as the wedding day draws closer and Yasmin's parents get to know Joe's firebrand feminist mother, both families must confront the unravelling of long-held secrets, lies and betrayals.

As Yasmin dismantles her own assumptions about the people she holds most dear, she's also forced to ask herself what she really wants in a relationship and what a 'love marriage' actually means.

Love Marriage is a story about who we are and how we love in today's Britain - with all the complications and contradictions of life, desire, marriage and family. What starts as a captivating social comedy develops into a heart-breaking and gripping story of two cultures, two families and two people trying to understand one another.


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It’s an utter joy to read, funny, compassionate and very moving.

Lucy Scholes (via Twitter)

A truly astonishing piece of writing - exquisite storytelling, featuring the most human portrayal of doctors I’ve ever read. I defy you to book this book down.

Adam Kay

I have loved every one of Monica Ali’s books and LOVE MARRIAGE is her best. A huge, bounteous story, it is lit from end to end with human variety and storytelling brilliance. Ali writes like an angel who is not afraid of the devil. It will be a novel of the year and confirms Monica Ali as a national treasure.

Andrew O'Hagan

This is such a gloriously vibrant and tender novel packed with wit, intelligence and wisdom. It has everything - clashing cultures, family rifts, suppressed addictions, desire, passion. Her two junior doctor protagonists are superbly drawn - flawed, courageous, flailing, human. Just brilliant.

Rachel Clarke

I loved Love Marriage, and looked forward to reading it every night. Funny, compassionate, sexy, romantic, beautifully plotted and richly peopled, it is both highly original and working within a literary tradition of novels about love and marriage.

Amanda Craig

I tore through Love Marriage. [...] Monica totally nailed that semi-permanent full body-cringe of parent-child awkwardness that never quite leaves you, however how old you are.

Justin Myers

I absolutely loved it. Exquisitely written with big heartedness, intelligence and passion.

Ruth Jones, author of NEVER GREENER

LOVE MARRIAGE has a warm intelligence and a sharp observational power, making the characters and the world of the story feel very alive.

Diana Evans

I absolutely loved LOVE MARRIAGE. [...] It’s big-hearted and tender and it’s a novel that cares about its characters so deeply that you will too.

Hannah Beckerman

A novel with the richness, and the throng and press and hum of life itself, LOVE MARRIAGE is bold, compassionate, big-hearted, pitch-perfectly written, and utterly unputdownable. Every single character lives and breathes on the page, even unnamed walk-on ones who appear for three lines. Make time for all of them for they are going to take up residence in your mind and soul for a long, long time.

Neel Mukherjee, author of Booker shortlisted THE LIVES OF OTHERS

Warm, affectionate and hilarious … A joyous novelist at the peak of her formidable powers. 

Daljit Nagra, author of LOOK WE HAVE COMING TO DOVER!

No one captures the modern family like Monica Ali - Love Marriage is a masterful cacophony of characters, all drawn with deep empathy and sharp insight. The novel is full of surprises and unexpected twists, with an ending that will take your breath away.

Tahmima Anam

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