Nick Payne

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The Same Deep Water As Me

Director John Crowley Starring
  • Monica Dolan
  • Isabella Laughland
  • Nigel Lindsay
    Donmar Warehouse
    Had an accident at work? Tripped on a paving slab? Cut yourself shaving? You could be entitled to compensation. Andrew and Barry at Scorpion Claims, Luton’s finest personal injury lawyers, are the men for you. When Kevin, Andrew’s high school nemesis, appears in his office the opportunity for a quick win arises. But just how fast does a lie have to spin before it gets out of control?
    The Same Deep Water As Me

    a sharply observant social comedy... highly amusing

    Michael Billington
    The Guardian

    a shrewd, witty dissection of the culture of lying fostered by the no-win-no-fee deals familiar from television advertising Paul Taylor
    The Independent

    He has a flair for one-liners yet also takes a wry pleasure in recurring jokes — among them a lovely gag about a malfunctioning fan. Henry Hitchings
    Evening Standard

    Payne writes with a delight in zippy one-liners, which are bright and funny. Aleks Sierz
    The Stage

    pungently pertinent... the dialogue fizzes

    Sam Marlowe
    The Times
    Full Review

    a thoroughly absorbing night in the theatre David Jays
    The Sunday Times
    Full Review

    Payne is exceptionally talented... a great ear for dialogue plus a sociological grasp of how ethics have been corroded by the UKs wealth gap Kate Bassett
    The Independent

    Payne being particularly adept at smart, funny dialogue that gets to the nub of the vernacular and cracks along. Julie Carpenter

    confirms his sharp wit and superb ear for the varied languages of social class and profession. Griselda Murray Brown
    Financial Times
    Full Review

    the darkly comic Nick Payne play that takes this gifted young playwright in a new direction... [Payne] throws into the mix the funniest unfinished joke that I have come across on stage in some time Matt Wolf
    New York Times

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