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Iron Chef

Producer Susie Price Director Jonathan Bullen Starring
  • Nick Nairn
    Production Company IWC Media
    Broadcaster Channel 4

    Olly Smith hosted Iron Chef for Channel 4 as the show made its debut in the UK after widespread success in the US and Japan. Olly was joined by Michelin chef, Nick Nairn as his co-commentator on the cook-off' show, which featured Iron Chefs such as Tom Aikens and Martin Blunos battling culinary competitors for a £1000 prize.

    Every week contestants and Iron Chefs compete to create extraordinary dishes based on each day's 'special ingredient'. Each dish is then put to the expert judging panel with the day's winner going on to compete in the Friday Final. As the show takes place in the Kitchen Stadium before The Chairman (an enigmatic Japanese ringmaster) Iron Chef is one of the most intense cooking competitions on television!


    Iron Chef Tom Aikens is on top of his game - think Robocop, think Commando - the guy's a ninja. Olly Smith

    It's high gastronomy, but camp. It's panto and it's mysterious. It's an odd mix. It's an elevated version of reality. Olly Smith
    Digital Spy

    They say that you can't create a cult phenomenon, it has to grow organically, but Channel 4 is having a darn good try with Iron Chef. Andrea Mullaney

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