Olly Smith

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Men's Health


Olly was regularly featured in Men's Health magazine, writing on a range of topics from step by step wine guides to delicious diet food!

Olly's pieces provided men with need to know wine essentials that catered for the connoisseur to the beer-drinking beginner hoping to impress on a date. Informative, chatty and above all witty, Olly provided the ultimate men's guide to food and wine.


In better wines the flavours will last for longer in the mouth, just as a good movie will stay with you long after you leave the cinema. Olly Smith
Men's Health

Your attitude to wine should be like that of a passionate lover. Devote some time to understanding its behaviour, characteristics and personality, and soon you'll be able to build a relationship that's healthier than a lung in an oxygen tent. Olly Smith
Men's Health

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