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The Secret Supper Club

Producer Gareth Rees Starring
    Production Company Boomerang Plus
    Broadcaster Channel 4
    If you have ever thought about dining in a dinghy or fancied a slap up meal on the side of a mountain, Olly proves that where you eat is just as important as what goes on your plate as the host of Channel 4’s new ten-part series, The Secret Supper Club.

    Aiming to inspire a new trend in dining, Olly tours the UK to stage a series of one-off suppers where great food and wine are matched with another crucial ingredient – setting. This celebration of the places we live and the people who live there highlights the wealth of local producers supplying communities across Britain.

    In each episode Olly will find two keen food producers willing to help with his task – to plan, prepare and serve a Secret Supper for 10 mystery guests in an unforgettable place; where stunning surroundings and surprise locations inspire the food and the way that it is cooked. With two days to get it right, Olly hopes the surprising setting and inventive menu will combine to inspire guests and viewers alike to take on the challenge themselves and create their own Secret Supper Club.
    The Secret Supper Club
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