Pandora Colin is a glowing presence as his first wife, Maria Barbara

Quentin Letts
The Times on Bach and Sons

Music becomes the action, as it does in abeautiful, sad dance between Bach and his dead wife, Maria Barbara (played withcrisp delicacy by Pandora Colin)

Susannah Clapp
The Observer on Bach and Sons

Raine paints a convincing portrait of a musically literate family, underpinned by Bach's wry and supportive wife Maria Barbara (Pandora Colin, smartly done)

Fiona Mountford
iNews on Bach and Sons

Only Peggy, created through a strong performance from Pandora Colin, emerges with any real credit from this collision of passions.

Ian Murray
WhtasOnStage on 8 Hotels

Pandora Colin gives a nicely judged performance, 

Gary Naylor
Broadway World on 8 Hotels

There's also stellar work done by Pandora Colin, transforming from a matronly busy-body, fussing over the chickens, to a still and sedate onlooker.

Alex Wood
WhatsOnStage on Our Town

The royal fairy couple Oberon and Titania played by Phil Cheadle and Pandora Colin double as duke and prospective duchess Theseus and Hippolyta, and are dignified and effective in both roles. 

The Reviews Hub
on A Midsummer Night's Dream

Pandora Colin's Titania supplying magic.

Ron Simpson
WhatsOnStage on A Midsummer Night's Dream

Zoe Waites as Cassius and Pandora Colin as Casca, both playing traditionally male roles without comment but with a fierce intelligence

Mark Shenton
The Stage on Julius Caesar

Pandora Colin snags the heart as Eleanor Farjeon****

Paul Taylor
The Independent on The Dark Earth & The Light Sky

Of the daughters, it's Pandora Colin who stands out as the dowdy eldest, an awkward and fragile woman in her late thirties.

Henry Hitchings
The London Evening Standard on The House of Bernarda Alba