Penny Chrimes has been writing picture books for children since her own children were born more than three decades ago. Scott is now a lawyer, Holly is a playwright.

She has worked for many years as a journalist, and began her training on the Daily Mirror Training Scheme, before several years at local newspapers in Torbay and Plymouth.  After working as a showbusiness and pop correspondent at the Daily Mirror, and on the Daily Mail newsdesk , she moved into television journalism. 

After working as a Programme Editor at TV-am and Channel One Television, she spent 18 years  working at Sky News, where she was Executive Producer for political programmes (winning a BAFTA in 2008 for Best News Coverage of Glasgow Airport terror attack).  She has also produced, directed and written documentaries using oral histories (Tsunami: 10 Years after the Wave ; 7/7:  10 Years On). 

Penny has now returned to  writing full-time for children.