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Director Graham Linehan Writer Graham Linehan, Sharon Horgan, Helen Linehan & Holly Walsh Starring
  • Anna Maxwell Martin
  • Diane Morgan
  • Paul Ready
  • Lucy Punch
  • Terry Mynott
    Production Company Delightful Industries
    Broadcaster BBC2

    Meet the Alpha Mums, headed by Amanda, very much the queen bee. Everything is organised, clean and sparkly - even the kitchen cork board is a statement of success. At the other end of the spectrum, we meet Liz, who is totally chaotic and feels the kids should enjoy free expression - if they want to do kamikaze jumps of the sofa, she drags a mattress round for safety. Somewhere between Amanda and Liz is Julia - she is organised - she has to be as she is a successful events organiser - but when her mother Marion decides she is no longer going to be the free child-sitter and school-run taxi, Julia finds her organisation skills are taxed and nowhere near the level of the Alpha Mums. Also in the mix is Kevin - he is the stay-at-home dad, who, rather than fighting against that, is embracing it with gusto - much to the irritation of the other mums.

    This is mothers and they really are - coping or not - competitive and helpful. If the Pulling girls had kids, this is what it would be like.


    an acutely observed comedy... There's a generous thread of wry humour running through it

    Veronica Lee
    The Arts Desk

    sitcom pilot crying out to become a series

    Andrew Billen
    **** The Times
    Full Review

    an insightful and bleakly knockabout portrayal of a stressed mother negotiating 21st century family life

    Ed Power
    **** The Telegraph

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